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Retail Lighting: Innovation is the New Normal

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By now, every retailer can cite the reasons why LEDs are the way to go for lighting. It’s a story we’ve been hearing for a half dozen years. LEDs give brighter, better quality lighting with lower energy use and longer life spans. This was important news in retail lighting during the LED revolution. However, most retailers have made the switch or are planning to do so in the near future. So, what’s next?

While stores have been shifting to LED lighting, other factors have impacted our industry. We’re going to see these movements echoed in retail lighting design. Get ready for more interactivity, experimentation and customization.

Lighting beyond the store

Gone are the days when going LED meant installing the same pre-fabricated solutions as your competitor. Brick and mortar stores have evolved. They must now be experiential, telling the unique story of a brand that lives online as much as it does physically. This custom story requires custom design.

What does this mean for lighting? Color temperatures will be specified based on the mood retailers want their brands to project. This will create a vibe that sticks with customers when they’ve left the store and are looking to shop online. Enhanced controls, like Omni Control, will make retail lighting more interactive to reflect the brand’s digital experience. Lighting will take form in new shapes and sizes to add visual drama, gaining wow factor to communicate a lasting story.

New data refines designs

We now understand shoppers better. New tools for measuring in-store behaviour are being released at a swift pace and are accompanied by insightful analysis. For example, we now know that installing high CRI lighting leads to increased time looking at displays and a greater likelihood of purchase. Designers are taking this data and using it to focus customers’ attentions, better guiding their journeys through the store. This will lead to meticulousness in retail lighting specifications.

What are your retail lighting ambitions?

Innovation is the new normal in the retail industry. We at DLC are looking forward to helping you through your unique design challenges. It’ll be a time of play and precision with amazing results. Reach out to us and we’ll get started.