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LED Module 155, lit on grey

Speciality Backlighting

DLC LumiSheet Power Adapters


Our Difference

We find solutions. We innovate. We turn ideas into creations.

DLC LumiSheet Premium and Patented

Premium & Patented

The first and the original LED panel producer, DLC panels are patented to provide even light output, unsurpassed longevity, and superior design flexibility. Our high standards extend to our full range of LED lighting products to ensure we have the right light for any project.

DLC LumiSheet Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Cookie cutter options won’t work for retail and architectural designs. That’s why we don’t settle for standard options. We design each of our products for maximum adaptability. Our LED light panel, LumiSheet, is available in any shape, size, and color. We echo this level of customization throughout our entire product line.

DLC LumiSheet Local Meets Global

Local Meets Global

We’re locally made in North America, with global support. That means quality production, reliable customer service, dependable warranties, fast turnarounds, and lower shipping rates.

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