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DLC LumiSheet

Manufacturing The Right Light

DLC LumiSheet creates custom LED lighting for retail and architecture.

Our Specialization

  • Custom LED light panels
  • Fixture LED lighting
  • Interactive LED controls

Our Beginnings

DLC LumiSheet Canada PlantWe’re an LED light manufacturer known for making big waves in the design community. It began with LumiSheet. This patented invention changed the face of lighting design in retail and architecture. Before LumiSheet, light boxes were thick, plagued by hot spots, and often gave off poor quality light. DLC founder Mark Luo noticed that designers needed a better backlighting solution.  Something slim, evenly lit and energy efficient. In 2008, he introduced LumiSheet. It instantly took off, helping change the standards of lighting design. Stores are now brighter, displays are sleeker and merchandise is shown more accurately.


Today, DLC LumiSheet is a proud leader in LED light manufacturing. Our products are made in North America with overseas support.

As LED lighting innovators, we strive to create products that work with the changing face of retail, signage and architectural lighting. When developing new products, we take a 360 degree approach. Appearance, efficiency, long lifespan, ease of use and flexibility are all a part of each new design.

We're Coast to Coast Across North America

We're Coast to Coast Across North America