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Fitting Room Lighting: Are Most Retailers Getting it Right?

Updated January 31, 2018

If the front of your store is about making your brand and products look great, the fitting room is about letting your customers shine. Fitting rooms can make or break customers’ decisions to purchase and affect their overall perceptions of your store. With that in mind, we’re asking if you think most retailers get it right when designing lighting for these very personal spaces.

First, let’s look at what makes fitting room lighting work:


Lighting should be high quality to present your customers’ skin tones and product colors in the truest way possible. Lighting with high CRI values will show products in the best way possibe, as well as better reflect how fabric moves and flows. One to try: LumiSheet LED light panel, specifying high CRI.


Your lighting should be strategically positioned to light the customer with a soft and shadowless effect. Harsh shadows that fall on customers’ bodies are unflattering and only discourage purchases.  LumiSheet along the front of your mirrors is a great solution for presenting customers fairly and attractively.


Your lighting environment should be similar to the one in which customers will be wearing the clothing they’re purchasing. DLC’s Omni Control color tuning touchpad for mirrors lets customers switch up the mirror lighting to show what they’d look like in a variety of pre-set environments, such as bright daylight and candlelight. Give customers control of their fitting room lighting. They will feel more comfortable, less manipulated, and can then make more confident purchasing decisions.

Omni Control Touch Control for Mirrors

Omni Control Touchpad for Mirrors


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