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Interning at DLC

DLC LumiSheet's Summer Student Recap

I spent this past summer interning as a Marketing Assistant at DLC LumiSheet’s Canadian office for my University Co-op placement.  I was given a wide range of tasks and as a result I got the opportunity to work with a variety of different people and departments.  This four-month placement gave me a taste of DLC’s company culture and what they are all about.

Something that instantly stood out to me at DLC is that in the entryway of its office there is a large, bright sign and clearly stated on the sign is the company’s mission and values.  This sign is set up in such a way that you cannot miss it when walking in and the first line of the sign reads “DLC promotes a culture of happiness, fulfillment, and values.”  Throughout my time here I had the chance to witness and experience each of these aspects of DLC’s corporate culture that they encourage and practice.

There were many ways in which I saw DLC strive to make both their customers and their employees happy.  The first of which being the staff meetings held every two weeks.  At these meetings, everyone touches base and discusses how things are going, if there are any issues, and how things can be improved for both customers and employees alike.  This gives every employee a voice and a chance to express their concerns, suggestions, or just general opinions.  This also makes for happier customers because any problems that may lead to longer lead times or product issues are often resolved here.  The people in the office are also all very friendly and supportive.  Everyone is approachable and encouraging making it easy to ask questions and have an overall better learning experience.  Lastly, in true Canadian fashion, the office is often equipped with Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts, which could put a smile on most any face.

I especially noticed that DLC tries to maintain fulfillment in numerous ways.  During my time at DLC I was given a surprisingly diversified list of tasks that not only taught me new things but also challenged my existing skills.  DLC structured my work in such a way that I got the most out of my time here both for the benefit of the company and for myself.  I observed that this is something DLC looks to do for all of their employees by encouraging them to grow in their work and learning to better both parties.  This is a very interesting thing to both see and experience because not only does it make work more enjoyable for the employees but it also contributes to a stronger company as a whole.  For DLC, fulfillment does not just apply to employees but to customers as well.  I noticed that the sales representatives spend an extensive amount of time with each customer discussing and looking at their projects so that DLC can provide exactly what each customer needs for their unique and individual situations.

Lastly, while interning I got to witness DLC’s corporate values which are integrity, efficiency, quality, agility, and trust.  These are all daily practices at DLC that are implemented at various stages of production, from the placing of an order to shipping out the final product.  I also saw that the office staff try to work closely with the manufacturing plant in order to generate the best possible product and experience for the customer while creating smoother operations for the company and its employees.  The employees here all take pride in the products that they work with because they truly believe in the products, the company values, and the company itself.  Over the course of the summer, I truly have come to believe that DLC’s corporate culture would be more accurately described as a corporate community.

By Rachel Tavares, Marketing Assistant at DLC LumiSheet